Idaho’s True Fly Fishing Experience

Step back into the 1890’s with The Last Resort’s exclusive access to some of Idaho’s most remote fly fishing. With access to over 350 miles of Idaho’s premier fly fishing rivers, there’s no better experience than Idaho’s largely untouched fishing.


Central Idaho

These remote townships and outposts will take you back to Idaho’s earliest founding. Since the early days when the first settlers came over the mountain with nothing but a wheel barrel and a dream, not much has changed. This untouched wilderness offers the perfect walk and wade creeks for cutthroat and rainbow trout, as well as bigger bouldery streams for bull trout. A hike to the high alpine lakes will get you your still water trout fix.

Snake River

With over 200 miles of fishing on the Snake River, this is prime trout, bass, and carp country. You may recognize much of the scenery from fly fishing product demonstrations videos, but you won’t recognize it from much else. This underrated fishery with many yet undiscovered areas will not disappoint. Despite this river being close to Boise, it’s a great option to hop out to to quickly lose the crowds. The scale of the fishery is key, and with our expertise we’ll show you the most productive areas and methods to have a great Idaho experience without much travel. The Snake River still offers hard to reach areas like the Birds of Prey protected areas, and offers unspoiled fishing. Don’t turn your nose at carp either, the cheap man’s bone fish will give you a fight you won’t forget.



Northern Idaho

This amazing fishery is one of the best kept secrets in Idaho. Head up to the Kootenai River, and you won’t find much except amazing trout fishing and a river to yourself. These gullible fish hardly see an artificial fly, and this 60+ mile expanse is a perfect research and development playground. Steamers, nymphs, dry flies, you name it. If you want an large selection of species and the river and country to yourself, set yourself to our guides and this hidden spread between Montana and Canada.


Upper Salmon River

When the anadromous fish leave the Pacific Ocean for Northwestern streams, this is where they are headed. As we fish and follow them up the Idaho rivers, the biggest, strongest, and smartest fish are the ones that make it here. Broad shoulders and iron wills belong to the fish here, and they are one heck of an experience. The Upper Salmon River is the apex of Idaho fishing, and it never disappoints. With so much riffles and fishable waters here, it’s hard to narrow yourself down to one spot. Leave yourself plenty of time to fish this area, as you'll be dreading leaving it in the rear view.