Kootenai River



  • Drift Boat (1-2 guests) - $450

    • 3rd guest for an additional $150

    • Does not include taxes and fees


Fish January February March April May June July August September October November December
Trout* X X X X X
Bass X X X X

Kootenai River - a large river that caters to big trout. 5,6, & 7 weight rods in the 91/2- 10'+ lengths are the preferred choice to fly fish this large river. Newer trophy restrictions implemented by the Idaho Fish & Game Dept. will produce for the future a very quality fishery for the Catch & Release angler. After two years, we have seen a fantastic increase in quality & quantity of trophy Rainbows. Accommodations at Bonners Ferry can be arranged or look at our Idaho Fly fishing Package on the Kootenai.


  • Trout fishing for all types:

    • brook trout

    • bull trout (incidental non-targeted, catch-and-release)

    • brown trout

    • cutthroat trout

    • golden trout

    • lake trout

    • rainbow trout

    • splake

    • trout hybrids

    • Arctic grayling