Central Idaho

From some of the deepest lakes in the Pacific Northwest to walk-and-wade streams and rivers, the remote Central Idaho wilderness offers some of the most diverse and high quality fishing Idaho has to offer.



  • 1 Day trip - self-transport: $428

  • 1 Day trip via Air: $1058

  • 2 Day Trip via Air: $1802

  • 3 Day Trip via Land: $1935

  • 3 Day Trip via Air: $2480

  • 5 Day Trip via Land: $2922

  • 5 Day Trip via Air: $3467

  • all prices are before tax


  • Trips via Air use light aircraft leaving from McCall or Cascade, ID

  • Trips via Land use our vehicles leaving from McCall, ID

  • Each trip allows for 1-2 clients

    • A 3rd client can be added for a $150 fee

  • Multi-day trips include lodging at Wapiti Meadows Ranch Cabins

  • Multi-day trips including breakfast, lunch and dinner

Fishing Seasons

Fish January February March April May June July August September October November December
Cuttthroat X X X
Rainbow Trout X X X
Brook Trout X X X
Bull Trout X X X

Yellow Pine, Idaho

This remote township is the jumping off point for much of our best trout fishing areas. Difficult to get to, this is the last outpost as we head out into small streams, tributaries, and mountain lakes that hold so many fantastic fisheries.

Photo courtesy of Wapiti Meadow Ranch

Photo courtesy of Wapiti Meadow Ranch

From walk-and-wade creeks draining into class V rapid rivers, to hikes up to elevated mountain lakes, this is trout country. The options are endless. The only limit is your imagination and your fly box, and with the latter, we have you covered. With the massive expanse of the remote Yellow Pine area, give yourself as much time as possible to fish this excellent fishery.