Upper Salmon River

Upper Salmon Steelhead 3.JPG


  • Drift Boat (1-2 guests) - $450

    • 3rd guest for an additional $150

    • Doesn't include taxes and fees


Fish January February March April May June July August September October November December
Steelhead X X X X X X X X
Chinook X X
Trout X X X X X X X

The mighty Salmon River

When the anadromous fish leave the Pacific Ocean for Northwestern streams, this is where they are headed. As we fish and follow them up the Idaho rivers, the biggest, strongest, and smartest fish are the ones that make it here. Broad shoulders and iron wills belong to the fish here, and they are one heck of an experience. The Upper Salmon River is the apex of Idaho fishing, and it never disappoints. With so much riffles and fishable waters here, it’s hard to narrow yourself down to one spot. Leave yourself plenty of time to fish this area, as you'll be dreading leaving it in the rear view.