Snake River



  • Drift Boat with power (1-2 guests) - $450

    • 3rd guest - +$150

* Doesn't include taxes and fees

A series of reservoirs on the Snake River above and including Hell's Canyon, as well as various free flowing sections of the Snake. Includes the hard to access Birds of Prey sections. Excellent fly fishing for Rainbow Trout, Smallmouth & Largemouth Bass, or Crappie. When the bite is on, this is pure excitement with quality fly fishing in a warm and wonderful setting. Oxbow, a trophy restricted reservoir, offers World Class Smallmouth fly fishing. Great top water action in low light conditions and fantastic deep wet fly action during more light sensitive conditions. Trophy smallmouth are perhaps the best pound for pound freshwater sport fish around. The rainbow trout is the only rival for this species. They can be caught at Brownlee reservoir and in free flowing sections, along with Smallmouth & Largemouth Bass, Crappie & Carp. The fantastic thing about this fishery is the availability of so many species and the diversity it offers the fly fishing angler. We fish from power boats and kick boats depending on the conditions. This is a great spring, summer, and fall fishery with truly outstanding camping facilities. Accommodations can be arranged in surrounding communities. However, this is a great place to bring your trailer, motor home, or tent.