06/09/2018 Chinook Update

Fish counts coming over Lower Granite have been steady, so we've kept fishing. The water in both the Little and Main Salmon River have come down a lot, and the fish having been moving up the Little. Work the seams of the eddies and the tail out, that's where I've been getting the most hits. Day fishing has been slow, but as soon as it gets dark, fish rise the surface in a few of the favorite pools. Talking to the local Fish and Game, they've been capturing around 28 fish overnight, so I suspect the night fishing is better.

Look for areas with lots of Chinook par, and work above and below. The par will be eating your egg patterns a lot, but the adults will take more work. Egg patterns are still the most productive, fish have cooled to shrimp patterns a bit. Big white and green fly patterns have had success as well. There's also a lot of large rainbows in the area, we've hooked up on some nice catch-and-release ~ 14" fish.

Colby Blair