Experience true Idaho

At The Last Resort Lodge


We are located in west-central Idaho on the only highway that connects North and South Idaho, U.S. Hwy. 95. The topography in very mountainous interlaced with granite peaks, mountain meadows, and steep canyons. The topography and geology is very diverse due to different geological events contributing to its formation. The lower reaches of the Salmon River is comprised of metamorphic rocks that evolved from ancient seas. It has drifted as a continental plate and met the Rocky Mtn. continental plate, the largest batholith (exposed granite) in the world. Coupled with Basalt flows from other geological events our area within 25 miles radius is the most diverse both geologically and biologically than anywhere in the western North America. Together with the Salmon River, which is the longest river in the continental U.S. that does not have a dam, provides unlimited recreational opportunities 

The Salmon River canyon is the 2nd deepest canyon (approximately 8100'), on the North American continent. The deepest canyon is on the North American continent is Hell's Canyon, in which flows the Snake River, and is only 15 air miles west of our Lodge and approximately 8500' deep. The highest point is He Devil Mountain, 9293' in the Seven Devils Range and the lowest is at the lower entrance of the Hells Canyon National Recreation Area at 842'.

We are approximately 40 air miles west of the largest wilderness area in the continental U.S., the Frank Church Wilderness Area, commonly referred to as the 'Frank'. And of course, 5 air miles west of the Lodge is the Hells Canyon Recreation Area.

The River corridor has very large sandy beaches that are ideal for camping, picnicking, whitewater rafting, fishing, hiking, jet boating, and hunting. The lower topography of the canyons is referred to as vertical desert by locals, but is more than that because the north facing slopes and beaches have both Ponderosa Pine and Doug Fir trees. It is a geological hodgepodge of metamorphic, basalt, and granite rock carved by wind, water, and the ice age.



Ram Room

Direct access to the deck, close to the fireplace, a queen log bed and an extra single bed . This room has direct access to the shared bathroom.

Fish Room

Our favorite room, this room has a private bathroom with shower, in room sink, two beds and direct access to the deck.


Bird Room

Two beds, access to the shared bathroom, this room is great for layups after long days of fishing or hunting.

Buck Room

One bed, with a large closet and walk in shower. Private deck with immediate access to the hot tub, fire pit and back yard.

The Lodge


Groups small or medium

We’ve got everything you could need, so you’ll be at home away from home.



Help yourself to our full kitchen, complete with an electric and commercial gas stove (for larger hosted groups), two fridges, full freezers, and cabinets full of our favorite cooking spices and seasonings. We also have all the kitchen tools and drink mixing instruments you could even need.

The property also includes a linen washing/drying facility, free of charge.



Room to relax

Our backyard space, nested against the Little Salmon River, provides space for big groups, outdoor cooking, and relaxation beside the fire. A covered outdoor deck provides a comfortable relaxing space regardless of weather, and a drink in the hot tub will warm up even the coldest wader feet.