Last days of Summer

Shorter days and cooler nights are bringing the big fish to the fly! Hoppers have been productive along the banks, but also foam flies like chubby’s. (Purple tempted the fish pictured in the title) A few fish are still taking the dropper, but the larger percentages are on top.

Today we had positive results with October Caddis attractors, size 12.  Keep your drifts long and drag-free. Look for seams near the banks and start your drift as high in the seam as possible. Evenings bring hatches of PED and a parachute adams in size 16 worked for us.

The river is expected to drop another 1000 CFS after Labor Day weekend, bringing the total flow under 6500 CFS at the Montana/Idaho state line. Water temperatures are flexing between 59 to 63 degrees. September promises to be the best month for fly fishing on one of the best kept secret rivers in North Idaho.

River flow forecast

Leeanna Young