Early August on the Kootenai River, Idaho

Below the Montana/Idaho state line the Kootenai River flows just above 7,000. Cfs. Water temperatures flux between 60 and 64 degrees. Great clarity. Mayflies and caddis still navigate the currents, dodging hungry trout, but yesterday the hoppers could be heard on the banks. One poor fella was swimming the foamline. Still, the trout seem to feed below, but it shouldn’t to long before the dry fly action explodes.

If you are ever the optimist with dry flis, expect more action early morning and late afternoon or evening. Still finding opportunities with droppers below attractors, red copper john below a foam Chernobyl for example. Small adams, ants, beetles, trudes worked well. Small caddis in the afternoon.

The float from Leona to Twin River Resort canyon can take a lazy 3/4 of the day, from Twin Rivers you can be in Bonners Ferry in about 3 hours.

Leeanna Young